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Ayesha Marriam (Pvt) Ltd

Eurol Front Fork SAE10

Eurol Front Fork SAE10

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Made in Holland

Universal fork oils

Front fork oils are blended from carefully selected paraffinic base oils with a low pour point and a high viscosity index. These are inhibited with very effective additives, ensuring an exceptional hydraulic springing and shock absorbing action. Scuffing and wear are reduced to a minimum, while a smooth movement is guaranteed. Seals are not affected by these products and they have a high thermal and oxidation stability and can be applied in a broad temperature range.


Color red
Density at 20°C 0.8622 kg/l
Viscosity, kinematic at 40°C 32 cSt
Viscosity, kinematic at 100°C 6.1 cSt
Viscosity index 134
Flash point 191 °C
Pour point -45 °C
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