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Ayesha Marriam (Pvt) Ltd

Eurol HD Lube for Primer Chain

Eurol HD Lube for Primer Chain

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Made in Holland

Oil for Harley Davidson primary chaincase and diaphragm clutch

Formulated for the lubrication of the primary chain case and the oil bath clutches. Even at extremely low temperatures, an optimal protection and a smooth cold start is guaranteed. Rust, corrosion and deposits are reduced to a minimum and water will be repelled. Developed for the lubrication of the Primary Chaincase of Harley-Davidson® models FL, FLT, FXR and FX with oil-batch clutch, from 1984. It is also suitable for application in ATV’s and snowmobiles, for which such an oil is prescribed.

Performance level
  • API SF
Recommended for use
  • MIL-L-2104D
  • MIL-L-46152C


Color brown
Density at 20°C 0.855 kg/l
Viscosity, kinematic at 40°C 93.1 cSt
Viscosity, kinematic at 100°C 13.9 cSt
Viscosity index 152
Viscosity, dynamic (CCS) 5654 cP
Sulphated ash 1.2 wt%
Flash point 218 °C
Pour point -36 °C
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