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Ayesha Marriam (Pvt) Ltd

Eurol Radiator Cleaner

Eurol Radiator Cleaner

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Made in Holland

Radiator additive aimed at cleaning radiators

Eurol Radiator Cleaner is a non-acidic cleaner developed for cleaning the inside radiator surfaces prior to replacing the coolant. Eurol Radiator Cleaner actively removes all kinds of contaminants that may occur in the cooling system, as well as deposits, oil, sludge and particles. The coolant system will be able to perform as efficient as a new cooling system, assuring an optimum heat transfer. Eurol Radiator Cleaner does not harm any radiator components and thoroughly cleans the radiator interior without corroding any of the metal parts. Eurol Radiator Cleaner is compatible with all cooling system components and all types of commercial engine coolants. Eurol Radiator Cleaner is always recommended for use before changing the coolant or before a repair, in order to clean and prepare the system. Physikalische Eigenschaften The 250ml bottle of Eurol Radiator Cleaner is recommended for use in 6L to 12L of coolant. Pour the Radiator Cleaner into the radiator and drive the car for 30 minutes. After running the car, the coolant/cleaner mix can be discharged (after cooling). After draining the cooling system, the radiator should be flushed with water. This process should be repeated until the water is clear and visibly free of contaminants. After draining all the water, the radiator can be filled with the recommended engine coolant.


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