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GOODYEAR Fuerza 4T 20W-50 Premium Mineral

GOODYEAR Fuerza 4T 20W-50 Premium Mineral

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4 Stroke Motorbike Engine Oil Fuerza 4T


Product Description 

Fuerza is a high-performance mineral motorcycle engine oil for everyday town and country riding. Goodyear Fuerza 4T is a premium performance, shear stable, multigrade, multi­functional mineral oil specially designed for 4- stroke motorcycle engine.


Fuerza provides the following benefits when used as recommended:

• Having stable viscosity both at low and high temperatures.
• Delicious superior engine wear protection and high film strength for high-revving motorcycle engines.
• Specialized additives help prevent ring sticking and build-up of harmful deposits.
• Excellent oxidation stability under exposure to high operating temperatures.


Fuerza is highly recommended for 4-stroke motor engines such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and other motorcycles.

It is also designed for clutches and gear-boxes, and portable power equipment engines requiring JASO MA, MA2, and API SL Lubricants.

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